A merry macabre chase. A voyeur’s delight. Messes with your head as thorougly as any artificial stimulant. Spectacular!

Ben Brantley, New York Times

★★★★ out of 4” “Thrilling, mind-bending! Unlike anything you've ever seen.

Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

Brilliantly imagined! Utterly unique! Brilliant and sly and insane. The level of detail is enough to make you swoon.

Mark Kennedy, Associated Press

I guarantee it's something you need to see if you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to live inside a David Lynch film. Amazing experience!


One of the most entertaining and involving works of theater you're likely to see! If you have any sense of adventure, this is theater you don't want to miss.

Huffington Post

Simply astonishing! Theatergoers will find themselves wanting to return to the McKittrick time and again to dive into this deliciously eerie experience.


Grade: A.” “Wickedly wonderful. A unique evening that engages all the senses. A brilliant production! Transformative. An unusually enlightening evening of entertainment.

Entertainment Weekly

The show infects your dreams. I've felt theater overwhelm me before, but until Sleep No More, I've never felt it pass through me. It was a lovely evening in hell, one I’ll be recovering from for some time.

Scott Brown, New York Magazine

Sensational ... Erotic ... Unique.

Joe Dziemianowicz, The New York Daily News

Bedazzling. A true astonishment!

David Cote, Time Out New York

★★★★ out of 4” “You've never experienced anything quite like it!

Matt Windman, AM New York

If you are in NYC you MUST see SLEEP NO MORE...PERIOD


I'm back in NYC, seeing @sleepnomorenyc for the third time. Yes, I'm obsessed.

Dita Von Teese

Just saw Sleep No More.. Wow.. So inspiring, scary, exciting, beautiful!!!! It's a must see!!!!! I'll definitely be back again!!!

Lea Michele

I saw @sleepnomorenyc again: the most amazing, exciting, visceral piece of performance. Everyone should experience this!

Alan Cumming

I usually don't like to tell people what to do..... But screw it... GO SEE "sleep no more" if you're in NYC. It's a once in a lifetime thing


I didnt know where or who I was anymore...lost & found. One of the most emotional artistic experiences of my life #SleepNoMore

Jim James, My Morning Jacket

Honestly the coolest, sexiest, most mind blowing thing I've ever done in New York. Unreal. Sleepnomorenyc.com

Olivia Wilde

Nighty Night NYC! Had a mind-gasm at @SleepNoMoreNYC & a blast with my NBC brethren.

Rainn Wilson

Just saw @sleepnomorenyc. Really cool. A maze of rooms in which actors move about, and the audience follows. Never seen anything like it!

Anderson Cooper

Saw Sleep No More tonight. 1 of the single greatest things I've EVER seen. Immersive theatre on a whole other level. www.sleepnomorenyc.com

Neil Patrick Harris

Make time immediately to experience @sleepnomorenyc A play unlike any other. Truly extraordinary!

Elijah Wood

Sleep No More is the sexiest, most haunting, most uncomfortably beautiful thing I have ever experienced. Go, go, go if you can!

Fred Savage

cant stop thinking about what I experienced at the McKittrick Hotel last night. #SleepNoMore was so intense. I need to go back.


@sleepnomorenyc thank you for an amazing night that shall forever be remembered. Fortune truly does favor the bold.


Best thing to happen in the theatre since the proscenium.


Eye contact means so much more to me after #sleepnomore. I can't get it out of my head!


Finally saw @sleepnomorenyc! Transcendent, fearless, intoxicating performances. Exquisitely detailed design. The best.


Caught @sleepnomorenyc at the Mckittrick Hotel last night. Unlike anything Ive ever experienced. Go. Be transported.


Fourth time at @sleepnomorenyc and almost everything I saw and did was new. No other show is this expansive, this intense. #sleepnomore


Processing #SleepNoMore is like trying to distinguish between reality and a dream.


The beauty of a show as ethereal as @sleepnomorenyc: it defies everything you thought you knew about theater, & haunts you until you return!


I visited the Hotel last night for the second time and had two intimate encounters that still have me reeling today. Thank you for opening my eyes and messing with my mind. Until my next visit, I am in your spell. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Yours in restless slumber,

I had such a surreal & fulfilling experience tonight at Sleep No More NYC...What a life-affirming, titillating, enthralling and mind-numbing night of theatre; my mind has been officially blown!

Elvin Roytman

AMAZING experience! It was worth the trip from Minnesota, a feast for the eyes and ears.

Sarah Hedlund

Sleep No More NYC was daze inducing and utterly amazing...pass through the darkness and teleport yourself into what I can only describe as the most lucid dream you will EVER experience. Heart pounding, exhilarating and absolutely addicting.

Krisie Joy

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sleep No More. Last night was the most eye-opening, sensational, artistically fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Already booking my 2nd and 3rd visits to the McKittrick Hotel. I treasure my locket as well.

Claire Bryant

The most haunting theatrical experience I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I swear that after walking out the door, the whole thing somehow managed to bleed into my reality. I can't shake the feeling that I'm somehow still in that hotel.

Joshua B